Random Crappy Band Photos Part 26 - November & December 2013

Pelican / Coliseum at the Local 506 -  11/4/2013
Coliseum made Pelican look like a bunch of hacks, and Pelican was still damn good.  



Midlake at the Local 506 - 11/11/2013
They lost their singer but still put on a strong effort.  And the songs are still tits regardless of who is singing.  

Pontiak / Guardian Alien at Kings - 12/3/2013
Pontiak remain my single favorite live find of the year, by far.  And the drummer for Guardian Alien...whoa.  


Guardian Alien

Whatever Brains / Goner at Legends - 12/6/2013
Hey, it's Whatever Brains!  And I took photos of them again!

Whatever Brains