Random Crappy Band Photos Part 40 - March and April 2017

Natural Causes / Bodykit / Patois Counselors at Local 506 - 3/4/2017
The rare three band bill where I was excited to see everyone.  No photos of Bodykit though cause they played in the dark.  

Natural Causes

Patois Counselors

Paws / Dude York at the Pinhook - 3/22/2017
Paws are so catcht and great and this show was criminally underattended.  


I feel like with a little investigation we can figure out who Paws borrowed (or bought) some of their gear from...

Dude York

Dinosaur Jr at the Cats Cradle - 4/1/2017
J Mascis is really good at guitar and likes to have a lot of amps.  Trivia!