Random Crappy Band Photos Part 21 - March & April 2013

Efterklang / Nightlands at Kings - 3/1/2013
Big-time Euro pop in a small local club.


Been playing around with intentional out-of-focus shots...there are a few of these on this page. 


Chelsea Light Moving / Talk Normal at Kings - 3/6/2013
Thurston Moore has a new band, and they're good.  Maybe because they sound like the old band.

Chelsea Light Moving

Not sure what is causing this effect on his shirt, but it's irritating.

Talk Normal

Jacco Gardner / Schooner at the Pinhook - 3/7/2013
Gorgeous psych-pop from the Netherlands.  One of the best shows so far this year. 

Jacco Gardner


Redd Kross / Pipe at Kings - 4/4/2013
Power pop royalty, a real treat.

Redd Kross

This guitar needed it's own photo by itself.