Random Crappy Band Photos Part 3 - July to November 2010

U.S. Christmas / Black Tusk at the Pour House - 7/31/2010

I've still not gotten any photos of these guys I'm happy with.  And it's not like I haven't tried a ton of times.  Now that I think about
this is not an uncommon problem for me when it involves bands I'm friends with. 

U.S. Christmas

The Mountain Goats / Mount Moriah at the Pinhook - 7/31/2010
Note: If you want to take a photo of a persn or band, maybe not best to stand way off to the side. 

The Mountain Goats

Pipe / Tonk at The Cave 8/27/2010
Goddammit it just doesn't get any better than Pipe. 


A live recording I shot of "You're Soaking In It", and boy is the quality terrible.  But since it's Pipe, who cares.

Gentleman Jesse & His Men / The Barreracudas / Last Year's Men at Kings - 10/27/2010
I got better photos of Gentleman Jesse at Troika the year before,  just for the record.  I'm not sure what record though. 

Gentleman Jesse & His Men

The Barreracudas