Random Crappy Band Photos Part 8 - July 2011

Whatever Brains / Invisible Hand at Kings - 7/7/2011
Album release party for the Brains, chaotic as usual.  Plus there was a smoke machine.

Whatever Brains

Invisible Hand

US Christmas / Dark Castle at Kings - 7/18/2011
First time I'd seen USX with the full band in a while; and Dark Castle were great, highly recommended. 

US Christmas

Dark Castle

Stevie of Dark Castle & Nate of USX

Moonface at Kings  - 7/22/2011
An underattended and poorly advertised show, or maybe people are just stupid to good music sometimes. 

Deja Mi Fest at the Lincoln Theatre - 7/23/2011
Free is my second-favorite type of show.  Free and good is my favorite. 

Free Energy

Wye Oak

Active Child

Ed Schrader's Music Beat / Gross Ghost at Kings - 7/29/2011
Ed Schrader is one of my very favorite things going at this point in my life. 

Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Gross Ghost