Random Crappy Band Photos Part 5 - January to April 2011

Obits at Kings - 01/12/2011
More Rick Froberg awesomeness.  I hope the man never stops. 

Archers of Loaf / Love Language at the Cat's Cradle - 01/15/2011
Words cannot express the joy I felt from this reunion.  I don't have any kids, but I'm pretty sure this would top the birth of one of
those things. 

The Love Language...after the Archers I had a tough time paying attention.  I took this from the back of the room.

The Reigning Sound at the Local 506 - 01/16/2011
I didn't bring my camera and shot this instead witth my phone.  Yep.

Monotonix / Pujol / Federation X at Kings - 02/03/2011
Three great bands, all very different. 

Federation X - maybe not the most entertaining band of the night, but definitely the best. 

Pujol...they get the award for best recent band that I didn't have a clue about going in. 

Monotonix.  My god, the antics.  Very fun to watch.

Destroyer / The War on Drugs at the Cat's Cradle - 04/07/2011

The War on Drugs