Random Crappy Band Photos Part 12 - January & February 2012

Crooked Fingers & Mount Moriah at Kings - 1/6/2012
After a long local hiatus, it was good to finally see Mount Moriah again.  And Crooked Fingers has been playing so often they might as
well be local again. 

Crooked Fingers

Mount Moriah

Whatever Brains & Day Creeper at Kings - 1/27/2012
Day Creeper brought the poppy garage punk from Ohio, while the Brains continue to dominate my world. 

Day Creeper

Whatever Brains


Bleached & The Black Belles at the Pinhook - 2/9/2012
Bleached were incredibly catchy and cute, while the Black Belles proved to be more than a gimmick.


The Black Belles

Lonnie Walker, Airstrip & the Charming Youngsters at Tir Na Nog - 2/17/2012
Lonnie Walker continue to be the kings of the local scene, while the other two are fine up-and-comers. 

Lonnie Walker


The Charming Youngsters