Random Crappy Band Photos - January & February 2010

U.S. Christmas at the Nightlight 1/2
It was dark in there and I had to use a flash.  I hate using a flash.  I tried obscuring the flash with my fingers, often giving odd results.

The band crashed at my house that night and asked me to take some quick band shots in the backyard as  they had no pics
of their current line-up.  The results were pretty mediocre as it was a terrible time of day light-wise for photos, but the second
snap here cracks me up.

Veelee at Slims - 1/21/2010
Pretty dark in here too, but I refused to flash.  These photos are barely usable, but whatever.

Whatever Brains at Tir Na Nog - 2/4/2010
This band is rad.  the photos, less so.  Note to self: take photos of these guys next time with your real camera.