Random Crappy Band Photos Part 20 - December 2012 to February 2013

Whatever Brains at Slims - 12/1/2012
They played again.  I saw them again.  They were awesome again.

Whatever Brains

Super Vacations

Gross Ghost at the Pinhook - 1/15/2013
Spider Bags also played, but they turned out the lights for their whole set so no pics. 

Ty Segall / Ex-Cult at Kings - 1/30/2013
Finally indoctrinated into the cult of Segall. 

Ty Segall


Old Quarter at Kings - 2/1/2013
Just because it's friend rock doesn't mean it's not really good. 

Jonathan Richman at the Cat's Cradle - 2/16/2012
One of my musical heroes, and I never get tired of seeing him live.