Random Crappy Band Photos Part 9 - August to October 2011

The Charming Youngsters at Tir Na Nog - 8/18/22011
Nice up-and-coming local pop band.  Catchy. 

Lonnie Walker at Tir Na Nog - 8/25/2011
This band is always, always a great live act. 

American Aquarium / Stuart McLamb / Gray Young at Motorco & Fullsteam Brewery - 9/1/2011
Another of the Deja Mi fests...lots of great music.  And free.  Free!

American Aquarium

Stuart McLamb (of Love Language)

Gray Young

TOW3RS / Cellar Seas at Kings & Tir Na Nog - 9/29/2011
As fas as I'm concerned TOW3RS are the hottest local band going right now.  Totally loving them.


Cellar Seas

Pipe at Motorco - 10/7/2011
GREATEST.  BAND.  EVER.  Well, outside of Bandway.  But still. 

Yes, that is a maxi pad stuck to his forehead.

Yes, that is a tampon in his ear.