Random Crappy Band Photos Part 6 - April to May 2011

J Mascis / Kurt Vile at the Cat's Cradle - 4/10/2011
Mascis played a lot of songs off of his most recent record plus some Dino Jr gems.  It was brilliant.  Kurt Vile did a fine job as
the opener. 

J Mascis

Kurt Vile

Handsome Furs at Kings - 4/17/2011
One of my favorite shows of the year so far.  A great frontman plus an incredibly hot woman is damn near perfection. 


Mount Moriah at Kings - 5/14/2011
Mount Moriah's CD release, easily one of the best of the year. 

Mount Moriah

Juston Robinson & the Mary Annettes...opened this show but I only caught a couple songs of them.

Archers of Loaf at the Grey Eagle - 5/21/2011
Second time seeing them since the reunion.  Maybe even better than the first. 

US Christmas / Royal Thunder at Kings - 5/27/2011
Metal up your ass.  Now that's just rude. 

US Christmas

Royal Thunder...the rock was good but the lighting not so condusive for photos.