Random Crappy Band Photos Part 44 - April and May 2018

PRF South (Day Two) at the Pinhook - 4/14/2018
My first Spider Bags show in quite a while...pure gold.  

Maple Stave

Spider Bags

Wailin' Storms

PRF South (Day Three) at the Pinhook - 4/15/2018
It had been one million years since I had seen Five Eight, and they're still great.  

1970s Film Stock

Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends

Five Eight

Superchunk / The Rock*A*Teens at the Cat’s Cradle - 4/27/2018
The new Rock*A*Teens record is damn decent, just so you know.  


The Rock*A*Teens

The Sea And Cake / James Elkington at the Pinhook - 5/20/2018
The denim gang rides again.

The Sea And Cake

Lyric cheat sheets for Sam Prekop.

James Elkington