Random Crappy Band Photos Part 14 - April 2012

Real Estate at Lincoln Theatre - 4/6/2012
Pretty good band + free show = great time. 

Colossus / US Christmas at The Kraken - 4/7/2012
What a weird fuckin' show, but fun.  Plus, barbeque.

US Christmas

The band after the show...


Lambchop / Crooked Fingers at Motorco - 4/14/2012
I feel like I've seen Crooked Fingers every other month for the past year.  And that's ok. 


Crooked Fingers

Allo Darlin' / The Wave Pictures / The Big Picture at Local 506 - 4/27/2012
Allo' Darlin will be one of the best bands I see all year.  Easily. 

Allo' Darlin

The Wave Pictures

The Big Picture

Last Year's Men / Roomrunner at Slims - 4/29/2012
Last Year's Men are steady destroying pretty much any other local live band there is.

Last Year's Men