Random Crappy Band Photos Part 2 - April & May 2010

Lonnie Walker / Nuclear Power Pants at Tir Na Nog - 4/1/2010
I wish I'd gotten some good photos of those awesome Nuclear Power Pants costumes.  It was like Trianglehead from "Silent
Hill" gone raver. 

Nuclear Power Pants

Lonnie Walker

Midlake / John Grant at the Cat's Cradle - 4/3/2010
I don't understand why more people don't worship John Grant.   Apparently they don't like awesomeness. 

John Grant


Future Islands at the Berkeley Cafe - 5/4/2010
I didn't take many photos cause I wasn't very close to the stage and it was really dark and I was dancing like a loon.  But I wanted
to document the balloons and the light sticks, which I didn't really do a good job of, but here are the pictures anyways. 

The Rosebuds / Schooner at Tir Na Nog - 5/6/2010
I don't have an official count, but I'm pretty sure I've seen the Rosebuds one million times, give or take a show. 


The Rosebuds