The Weekend of Babies - March 2009

We drove up to the mountains because there was to be a baby shower for Jake & Lauren's impending arrival, only it arrived a
few weeks early and got to attend it's own shower.  Say hello to Rambo Rash!

Father and son, though I'm not fully convinced he actually had a hand in making this thing...that hairy devil looks more likely to be
the product of Latin America and not a Statesvillian.

Mom and offspring. 

Our ghetto fabulous cake we had made for the might look crappy, but it tasted glorious.  I ate about 4 bazillion slices.

And yeah, the real name is Fletcher, but that kid is getting called Rambo by me from this point forward. 

One of the rare still shots of Bryan not at the keg downing beers. 

Sarah came down off the mountain to hang out, sans husband and scroglin (which would have been baby/toddler #4 on the week-
end if he had been there).

Burt enjoyed the party, cause it meant there was a bunch of new people to sniff and get petted by. 

One of the games at the shower was a race to see who could drink a baby bottle full of beer the quickest.  Like all games, the
winner was the person who thought to cheat first (which I believe was Nate when he bit the nipple off the bottle). 

Here is a photo of Jake pleasurably licking the nipple of the bottle.  These are the images that will haunt your dreams forever. 

Chelsea and Lauren, laughing at what must have been an awfully funny joke I told them. 

After the party, we thrashed through the woods to Nate's house to see his new baby Nora.  And because the flash was way too
close, it made the child look like one of those porcelain dolls they try to sell you in the back of Parade magazine. 

The Hall family, minus Art (who would have been baby/toddler #5 had he not been visiting the grandparents). 

The next day we went to Mamaws for lunch, where Chelsea proceeded to wear the coconut bra from a duck statue on her eyes
like swim goggles.  This statement makes perfect sense if you hang out at my grandma's house. 

Emily tried wearing the bra goggles as well.  She still needs to grow into them. 

Spring is almost here!