Bro-Down in Austin - April 2010

Went to Austin to skate and dick around with some old friends.  It rained nearly the whole time and my board got covered in
mud, but it was still an awesome trip.

Local lad Razor picked me up at the hairport...this was as close as I got to his patented "blue steel" look.

TC flew in from Cali a day later, ready to drink ginger beer and fuck shit up.

At least 80% of the photos I took involved Ray's dog, Oscar.   He is a cute and enjoyable bastard. 

Ray's wife Rachelle...she was much more involved in the weekend than the photos would let on. 

I took photos of the surroundings of Ray & Rachelle's house, but forgot to take any photos of the actual house.  Anyways, it was
a cute little bungalow that reminded me of Chapel Hill. 

Gremlin!  Remember, don't get it wet after or midnight.  Or get rear-ended (nevermind, that was it's cousin the Pinto).

This is pretty much what the sky looked like the entire time I was there.  Ominous.

During one of the dry patches, we actually went out to the local park, picking up Adam before heading out there.  Adding him to
the mix ensures you keep a strict 1:1 ratio of philosophy professors to regular skateboarders at all times. 

Checked out local DIY spot the "Alien Pad", though obviously e didn't skate it.  And to be honest, I'm not sure this thing would be
skateable even in the best of weather. 

I'm pretty sure building on top of tires is one of the hallmarks of building anything by code.

This DIY mini-ramp was considerably better made, and would have been a hoot to skate if it wasn't full of and surrounded by
puddles.  I still managed to cover my board in mud, but I look forward to hitting this again next time I go back.

Todd has a lot more control than me and managed not to wreck his deck.

Hanging out with the boys watching skate videos.  This ritual has been a part of my life for nearly 20 years...good lord I'm old.

Todd got nuts with Oscar. 

Dancing!  Oscar was delighted.

A short but overly large video of the Oscar and todd show (click on photo for download link).

Nap time. 

It was a glorious day when I tasted my first Slurpee of the year.  Goddamn the 7-11 corporation for not having stores in NC (or at
least none around me).

I got way more excited than any adult should when I found and purchased candy cigarettes. 

Flying back home...I like that it looks like the sky has a ceiling.