Alameda County Fair - July 2007

We decided to use the mid-week holiday to make the trip out to Pleasanton for the fair.  Animals, junk food, what's
not to love?  Oh yeah, it was hot as balls, that's what is not to love.

If that eagle really cared about keeping America beautiful it would swoop around and pick up garbage with it's beak. 
But no, al eagles want to do is catch fish and regurgitate food to their chicks.  They don't care about America at all.

Action sequence!

There are always lots of babies at the fair, both human and animal.

This sheep wanted to make out but I was all like "No way jose, I got a lady!"

I always heard growing up that when you saw a cow lying down that it was going to rain.  But it didn't rain.  So obviously
all of these assholes are lying (save the one standing in the back). 

This guy is just as much if not more patriotic than the trash cans. 

Our first junk food of the day, but certainly not the last. 

Anytime I see a mechanical bull now I can't help but think back fondly to the Nevada County Fair a few years back when
I spent twenty minutes laughing at an insanely fat woman trying to get on the bull...sure, it might be insensitive, but some-
times insensitive is damn funny and this one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my entire life. 

One can only hope that this fella is enjoying an all-beef or tofu dog, cause it would just be wrong if it were a pork corn

There were lots of rides as usual, but it was too damn hot to actually wait around to ride any of them.  All we wanted to
do was go inside and look at the kid's craft projects.

Scooter - name of the ride or name of the carny who operates the ride?  Probably both. 

Apparently one of the categories you could compete in was "creepiest manequin".  I pronounce both of these winners. 

I'd say we have a problem...screw tail?  And what the hell happened to your ears, bunny?

While technically meant to "pep your step", they served a better purpose of "resting your ass". 

From the Bill O'Reilly exibit. 



There were cages upon cages of cute rabbits.  I wanted to take them all home with me. 

Same for the chickens, though I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the building managers at my building would
frown upon an apartment full of hens. 

You just know this is pretty much the softest thing ever. 

Someday I will have my own donkey.  Oh yes I will. 

On our way out, the baby cow's butt gave us a proper send off. 

Also - we took a strip of photos while at the fair, here are the results.  I think the 3rd one says it all.