Let's Go to an A's Game September 2005  

I spent a lot of nights, and even some days, at Oakland Colliseum rooting for the A's.  
After a shoddy start to the season they went on amazing run and nearly pulled out a
playoff spot.  This is one of later games in the season during their push for the pennant...

It actually rained earlier in the evening, which led to two things: one of my normal game
partners-in-crime, Lomo, decided she didn't want to chance getting rained on and stayed
home; also, the game started late while the grounds crew added some drying agent
(most likely cat litter) to the dirt to make the infield more playable.

They spread the agent out in these neat patterns, then this dude in a tiny tractor came
out and drove in circles and made me dizzy while he smoothed everything out.  As you
can see from the stands, Lomo wasn't the only one bypassing the potentially rainy evening.

But Chelsea came!  She came to a few games over the course of the season, when
she wasn't too busy with work.  I'm not sure what the bigger draw is for her though -
the game or the ballpark food.

I only came to a couple of games without Todd.  Here he is displaying his feelings for
the Athletics with an extended index finger.  

Also acceptable is an extended thumb.  Todd seems a bit confused with the chaka,
although it is obviously well meaning.  Chelsea is totally confused on the matter and
extends a peanut.  I'm not exactly sure what that means.

Little more crowd starts showing up later as it becomes obvious that it isn't going to
rain.  And ooh look at the pretty sky!

This is what the game looked like from where we were sitting.  That's the Indians as the
opponent, and the A's have a man on second.  I have no idea who it is but Mark Ellis is
always a good guess based on his play during the second half of the season.  Dude was
always on base.

It started getting cold, but it wasn't  that cold...these two Marys need to move to Boca
Raton or something.  If you can't take the non-heat stay out of the non-kitchen!

A close up of Todd in stealth mode.  Pull up your hood and fall asleep and you'd be just
like our friend Drew anytime he sat still for more than 5 minutes back in college.  We
called him "the sleeping ninja" for this reason.

The A's ended up beating the Indians by a healthy margin this night.  Much to the delight
of all involved.  Well, maybe not to the delight of the Indians and their fans but who gives
a flying turd about them.

Go A's in 2006!  AL West Champs fer sure brah!