Let's Go to an A's Game: Round 2 - May 2006

Let's Go A's!  Big hopes for this season...

Todd wanted to come up for a visit and made sure he picked a weekend when the A's were in town
so we could all go enjoy a happy goodtime outing.  Lomo and her giant earrings came too.

Also there was Zack!  I've known this guy since middle school, he recently moved to the Napa area
to do physical therepy or whatever it is that he does.

We splurged for some good seats - 4 rows back from the field, the best seats I've ever had at any professional game.

It's not a day to the ballpark without hot dogs!!!

More hot dogs!!!

And pretzels!!!

And pizza!!!  *Burp*

Given our proximity to the field I came prepared.  One ball landed in the section next to us but that's
as close as I got.

Of course, any quality baseball glove also makes for fashionable headwear.

That look on our collective faces are that of folks unhappy seeing the A's losing to the lowly Tampa Bay Devilrays.

Oh, and our seats were directly in front of the bullpen, so we got a perfect view of the relief pitchers warming up.  
Here you have the awesomely-named Kiko Calero.

And last years American League Rookie of the Year, Huston Street, who is the closer for the team.

Here is just a small sample from the "Lomo wants her picture taken with Huston Street " photo shoot.  It's almost
creepy how identical she looks in every photo...the only real give away that they are different is looking at the

Sadly, despite a 9th inning rally the good guys came up short (a common theme for the team so far this year)...