The Shit That Pays the Bills ( me free crap)...
Slap Magazine (skateboarding mag I write reviews for)
Shredding Paper (RIP)
Playing in Fog (RIP)
Music Spork (RIP)

Art/Photos/Worthwhile Blogs/That Sorta Crap...
Andrew Paynter (my good friend and bad ass photog, got his site designed all professional-like)
Simone Lueck (interesting photography from an old school NC friend)
Rawk dot Org (Virgil's photos are so good I enjoy them more than the bands they are of)

Mostly Meat (I'm not sure if this is funny to folks who don't know Ajax, but I laugh at this nonsense daily)

Skateboarding Nonsense...
Crailtap (comical website for the Girl skateboards family; lots of inside jokes)
Epicly Later'd (photog Pat O'Dell's blog of candid photos of skateboarders on tour and partying)
Epicly Trife (the SF version of Epicly Later'd)
Art of Skateboarding (info on classic boards & graphics)
Skim the Fat (video reviews)
Thrasher Magazine (great for skatepark directions)
see also Slap Magazine listed above...

Rippin' Bands I Highly Recommend...
(mostly Bay Area & NC good stuff)
Audio Out Send
Birds of Avalon
Black Ghost
Built Like Alaska
Citizens Here & Abroad
Estereo (RIP)
The Ex-Boyfriends
Flute Flies
Full Moon Partisans
Halcyon High
Harold Ray: Live in Concert
Jim Yoshii Pile Up
Lower Forty Eight
Militant Childrens Hour
Thee More Shallows
The Mothballs
Mount Vicious
Palace Family Steak House
Parchman Farm (RIP)
The Pets

The Red Thread
Rogue Wave
The Rosebuds
The Rum Diary
The Society of Rockets
Summer Set
Total B.S.
U.S. Christmas