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***October Thirty First Two Thousand and Fifteen***


My Halloween costume this year.  Yes, that's me.  I promise.  I never left bed.


I'gram pics

Family walk at Hemlock Bluffs.  Cary, NC.  

Ford Fairlane.  Asheboro, NC.  

Wife vs. frozen banana.  Raleigh, NC.  

Yellow baby.  Cary, NC.  

NC State Fair.  Raleigh, NC.  


Additional pics
These are all from my medium format Fujifilm GF670.

Magen's Bay, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

Central Range, Saint Kitts.

Hearst Castle, San Simeon, CA.  



I think I forgot to save many links this time's an awesome Gilbert Crockett skate part, dude is too good.  
Apparently all the hot talk after this came out is the size of his pants...skaters get worked up over the dumbest shit.  

Two photo journal entries, the biggie is all the photos from this past Hopscotch Music Festival, and the other is some
snaps of baby Lola.  I guess that is a biggie too, just in a different way.  

I actually wrote some music reviews this past month...the new Protomartyr kills.


with Circle Takes the Square

Decided on a whim to go get my post-rock on with Caspian.  I hadn't paid much attention to them since their first re-
cord "The Four Trees," but I was pretty sure they would deliver live.  I might have even seen them in concert once back
in my SF days, but it's been so many bands over so many years, shit is starting to get fuzzy.  They're on the the heavier
side of the post-rock spectrum but not quite metal, and despite vocals on a couple of songs they very much feel like
an instrumental band who just happens to forget to accidentally not sing every once in a while.  They showed up at
Kings like a pro outfit with a full light show including glowing matching boxes(?) on top of each of their amps and lots
of strobe.  More importantly they sounded amazing - even though I barely know their material, they held my attention
throughout.  Yeah, they do that same quiet-loud-quiet thing that all these bands do, but they did it at about the highest
level possible.  I'd gladly go see them again, and I bet I even remember this show this time!

Technically the opener was Circle Takes the Square, but the gig was advertised as a co-headlining tour...maybe they
take turns each night headlining or something, I'm both too lazy to figure it out and don't really care.  They were what I
guess you'd call prog metal...not my bag.  It can be fun to watch prog bands play because you never know what kind of
crazy direction it is going to go, but that got old pretty quick.  Even worse, as near as I could tell none of the songs were
about the game show Hollywood Squares...I wanted songs about Jim J Bullock and Shadoe Stevens goddammit!!! 
For the record, all of my Hollywood Squares humor fell on deaf ears with my British show companion. 


Archers of Loaf
with Flesh Wounds 
Cats Cradle

How many times have I even seen Archers of Loaf at this point?  I think this is the fourth time since the "reunion," and
who knows how often during their initial run.  What I do know for sure is they instantly make me feel like I'm a kid again -
no different than that first time I saw them in high school, senior year I think, just after "Icky Mettle" came out.  No diff-
erent mentally at least - my back, legs and feet might argue differently. 

What can I say about a show that I've seen so many times before though?  It was highly entertaining, but that's no sur-
prise.  Matt Gentling has let his hair grow out, which adds an extra layer of movement to the lurching he already does
while playing bass.  Eric Johnson was wearing a bad ass Pipe shirt and I would gladly stab a drifter in the buttocks to
get one exactly like it that fit me.  They played all of the "Vs. the Greatest of All Time" EP, though not in order.  They
were playing a lot of "deep cuts" according to Eric Bachmann, and after a false start on "South Carolina" Eric com-
mented "...deep cuts so deep I can't remember how to play them."  There was a ton of tracks off of "Icky Mettle,"
3/4ths of the album maybe.  Other highlights included "Fabricoh," "Harnessed in Slums," "Dead Red Eyes,"
"Nostalgia," "Form and File"...fuck it, every song was a highlight.  The encore was the biggies - "Wrong," "Web in
Front," and finally "White Trash Heroes," with everyone (plus an extra dude) playing guitar except for Gentling.  The
crowd was singing along so loudly to some of the songs it sounded like an adult version of Kidz Bop was being held ;
in the Cradle.  It was a great night.

Local punk rock killers Flesh Wounds opened the show and burned through fifteen or twenty songs in barely over
thirty minutes (probably the longest set I've ever seen by them).  The constant touring as both this band and as Mac
McCaughan's backing band the Non-Believers has made them incredibly tight.  Guitarist and lead singer Montgomery
Morris seems angrier with each passing show - it's like he's trying to dominate the music more than actually just play it. 
Considering how many punk bands these days seem like lovable good guys on stage, it's kinda nice to have a little
snarling attitude come at you.  Also, he spits a lot.  Speaking of Pipe, they ended their set with a cover of the local
legends, and Flesh Wounds did a great job of owning it like they wrote it.


Jeff the Brotherhood
The Odditorium

It's been so long since Jeff the Brotherhood came to the Triangle to play, I had to go to Asheville to see them.  Ok,
technically I was already up there showing the new baby off to the family, but when I saw they were playing I extended
my stay through Sunday night so I wouldn't miss them since they never make it any further into the state these days. 

As expected, it was a weird and mostly young crowd - kids with crazy tattoos and piercings talking about train hopping,
rowdy crowd surfers, someone hanging from the rafters (the ceiling is really low in this club), and at one point a girl was
on stage next to the band doing difficult yoga poses, which even seemed to amuse the band.  One guy in the front ex-
tended his hand out and held it in a thumbs up for a large chunk of the show.  Also, it was hot as goddamn balls in
there, and packed, so the smell was just lovely.

Despite all of that, I had a damn good time, mostly because JtB were killing it.  It had been a little while since I had
seen them last, and their set-up had changed a little - Jake is now playing a full six-string guitar instead of only three
strings like he had every other time I've seen them.  He killed it on his clear acrylic guitar regardless, and probably
would have done so even on one string.  Jamin no longer was running their own personal light show via some foot
switches and cheap mechanic lights, which I always enjoyed for the record, but I guess it's a little less shit to set up at
every show for them.  The set was a good cross section across their whole catalog, including a couple of covers - Neil
Young's "Cinnamon Girl" and Teenage Fanclub's "Mad Dog 20/20" (this cover also available on their EP "Dig the
Classics").  They had a giant set list on the ground, but it seemed to be used more as a suggestion than a bible as
they seemed to kinda play whatever they felt like.   

It was a damn good time, smelly street rat kids and all.  I was so sweaty when I left that I put on an unwashed thrift store
t-shirt I had in my car just to get dry.  You can't catch herpes from a t-shirt can you?  Eh, it's too late now. 


"Small men drown in my shit."

Belle & Sebastian - Allie.  "Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance" is probably my record of the year - and this is my fav-
orite song on it.  The other song is top notch too.  
Bonus: Nobody's Empire

Ex Hex - Don't Wanna Lose.  "Rips" is a nearly perfect power pop record.  Even narrowing it down to my favorite
four tracks was nearly impossible.  
Bonus: Everywhere
Bonus: New Kid
Bonus: You Fell Apart

Holopaw - Academy.  Hadn't thought about these guys since the days of Ugle Cassanova.  Still sounds the same,
not that that is a bad thing.

King Khan & the Shrines - Luckiest Man.  "Idle No More" came out over two years ago and I just finally got around
to spending a lot of time with it...good record, not as good as the previous release "What Is?!".
Bonus: Pray for Lil
Bonus: Thorn in Her Pride

Love As Laughter - Dirty Lives.  For some reason I've bought this record twice (these particular tracks being from
"Laughter's Fifth"), and I'm not even mad because I'm such a fan.  Criminally underrated act.  
Bonus: In Amber
Bonus: Survivors

The Hold Steady - Banging Camp.  After not listening to them in ages, I let a Hold Steady CD run a few times in a
row in the car - still a damn good rock band.  
Bonus: Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night

***September Thirtieth
Two Thousand and Fifteen***

So fuckin' excited that Fall is here.  Or Autumn, if you're a fancy person.  

Instagrands -

Lola and her guardian.  Cary, NC.  

The littlest A's fan.  Cary, NC.  
(The kid is kinda dominating the photo stream these days, obviously.)

Lynx -

It's been a great last few months for Anti Hero Skateboards, multiple tour videos packed with so much amazing
ripping.  It helps having Grant Taylor around, who seems to produce roughly have the footage for all of these clips.  
Anti Hero Israel tour
2.  Anti Hero Euro tour "What's Up Monkey?" - part one, part two, part three, and part four.  

I'm always down with anyone named Tom K putting out a new part - in this case it's Tom Karangelov, he skates to
Yo La Tengo, and does a whole shitload of wallrides.  

David Sedaris wrote a new short story regarding the legalization of same-sex marriage.  As with all things he writes,
it is great.  

I forgot to add any photo journals.  I really need to catch up on my photo editing.  There have been a few music reviews,
with emphasis on the word few.  


Spider Bags
With Dick Diver
The Nightlight

No disrespect to the always awesome Spider Bags, but the impetus for my driving out to Chapel Hill on this Thursday
night was to see Australia's Dick Diver.  And to also eat at Carrburritos obviously, but that part is a given for any trip
to Chapel Hill.  I'm not sure what is in the water down under, but it seems like nearly every Aussie band I have lent my
ears to lately I come away loving, and that was definitely true with this four piece from Melbourne.  On record they
sound a lot like kids who grew up on the New Zealand sound of the Clean and the Bats and the 3ds and that crowd -
that may or may not true, and it seems entirely possible that Australians would never admit to being influenced by New
Zealanders (I'm possibly creating a rift between the two countries completely out of thin air mind you), but pretty much
everyone seems to hear the same thing as me.  Live you get that vibe as well, but there is something else there, some-
thing almost Stone Roses-ish...Stone Roses with amazing harmonies.  They were quite endearing and funny between
songs as well, seemingly fascinated with American truck stops and weird flip flops (or as they called, them, thongs)
and talked of going to F. Scott Fitzgerald's grave and farting.  It was everything I could ever want out of the live show
of a new favorite band.  The Aussies don't often make it past the west coast, but I hope they travel back over here to
the east again and often. 

I was feeling kinda beat but if Spider Bags are playing it's not like you can't watch at least a couple of songs...and
once you've taken in a couple of songs, you might as well see a few more, until you get sucked into nearly the whole
damn set.  There was a guy posted up front and center who clapped along vigorously throughout the whole song for
most of their set, a level of enthusiasm that was impressive at first and quickly escalated to fucking annoying.  The
band didn't give a shit though, powering through jam after jam and making me happy by performing "Que Viva Rock n'
Roll" and "Keys to the City" back-to-back.   As with every other time I've seen them, they're still the best live act in the
area - here's to seeing them at least a few more times before the end of 2015, as one should.


The Rolling Stones
Carter Finley Stadium

It's not often I go to giant, expensive stadium shows where you can enjoy a corndog or nachos (or both) with your
rock-n-roll, but how many more chances is there going to be to see the Rolling Stones?  I know it's a well worn trope,
but any or all of the band could keel over from old age any minute now.  The family felt the same as I did, and made the
trip down from the hills to join Chelsea and I for this gigantic concert extravaganza. 

I've been to a number of NC State football games at Carter Finley, but for some reason the crush of fans looking for
parking and walking to the venue seemed ten times greater.  My best guess is that at football games tons of people
get there hours early and trickle in slowly through the day, whereas this concert was mid-week after work so everyone
was coming at the same time.  Due to my mom's anal retentiveness, we got there plenty early and sat around the
parking lot for a while, enjoying refreshments and watching all forms of humanity stream by.  A truck parked a couple
over from us was breaking the cardinal rule of playing a band the day you are going to see them, but other than that it
was mostly just a bunch of almost-drunk, middle-aged (and much older) white people ready to have a good time.  

The Avett Brothers opened.  We saw a couple of songs.  I question that they are all brothers.  I think at one point I
commented that it was music for people who wear large neck amulets.  That's all I really have to say on that. 

As for the real show - our seats were pretty much dead center, which turned out to be a pretty good spot.  All of the
floor seats were crazy expensive (as opposed to the regular expensive where we sat), and unless you were in the very
front I'm not sure it was worth it.  They had a penis-like extension that reached out pretty far into the crowd, which Mick
and Keith did a fair amount of strutting up and down.  It actually sounded pretty decent where we were sitting, or at
least as decent as you might expect from an outdoor stadium show.  The set list was as expected - lots of their most
popular songs like "Jumpin' Jack Flash," "Satisfaction," and "It's Only rock-n-Roll" that I honestly never need to hear
again.  But they also played a bunch of their other hits that never get old such as "Honky Tonk Women," "Miss You"
(that disco bass line will always rule), "Sympathy for the Devil," and "Gimme Shelter." 


Rock n' Roll Partyfest
6/20/2015 & 6/21/2015

I waited way, way, WAY too long to write this review, so it will be a very abridged version because I can barely remem-
ber shit.  Long story short, they held a two day mini-festival of (mostly) local punk and garage bands in the sweatbox
known as Slims.  I didn't see all of the bands because I am ultimately a very lazy person, but this is who I did see...

Thick Modine - three piece who played a soulful, bluesy version of garage rock.  Singer had a nice set of pipes - a
couple of their songs reminded me a little of early Bob Seger.  The band was a little sloppy, but still fun enough. 

Drag Sounds - they used to be from Greensboro but now live in Baltimore - damn that city for constantly stealing our
best.  They were one of my highlights from last year's Hopscotch, and probably the best thing at this Fest.  Really
should have seen them more when they were still local.  Top notch garage psych, with the occasional foray into
AC/DC style riffage. 

Paint Fumes - You can't have a fest like this and not include Charlotte's finest.  I don't think I had seen them since
before the singer's injury, but they were just as great as ever.  The band now features members of (now defunct? 
Still not clear.) Last Year's Men as the rhythm section.  They performed a great cover of the Stooge's "1970."

Acid Chaperone - newish local four piece that really impressed me - instrumental stoner surf punk, if there is even
such a genre.  Reminded me of a heavier Family Dollar Pharoahs, a great local band that broke up possibly before
most of the band was even born. 

Natural Causes - the new hot shit in the local punk scene, it's most of the kids from Last Year's Men, and as men-
tioned above I have no idea the status of that band that I loved so much.  I assume they're either broken up or on
hiatus, and if that's the case Natural Causes are a pretty great consolation prize.  This group is a little less Reigning
Sound-ish soulful garage, and more in the vein of spazzy synth punk ala Lost Sounds.  They also would occasionally
get a little snotty and aggressive in a Circle Jerks kind of way.  These kids are playing constantly so I'm sure I'll see
them a lot more.    

Black Zinfandel - The whole band was wearing matching shirts that read "Black Zin Gang" and they said it was
their first show in a year.  I've always been impressed by them - they're not really punk or metal or any one genre in
particular, just heavy in the best sort of way.  I'd really like one of those shirts. 

It was a fun time, outside of all the sweating I did.  Hopefully they do it again next year. 


"Do you have a plunger here, while I'm thinking of these things, uh, for the morning, you know, my plumbing is just so
bad. Well, of course yours is good plumbing here, right? Yeah, I would imagine, yesh, don't worry about it, you know,
everything will be fine. I've just been bound up lately. It's, it's been driving me crazy. I've been eating a lot of cheese for
some reason. I don't know what it is, I've got a craving for the stuff. Think maybe that's an allergy or something...I don't
know, I can't get enough cheese. I feel like a big mouse."

Grandaddy - Beautiful Ground
.  Some B-sides and alternate takes from their second album "The Sophtware Slump,"
which is one of the best albums of the past two decades for those keeping count at home.  
Bonus: Hewlett's Daughter
Bonus: Our Dying Brains
Bonus: Wives of Farmers

Mandolin Orange - Cavalry.  A local country folk duo that I've not been able to get enough of the past couple of years.
Bonus: House of Stone
Bonus: There Was a Time

Morrissey - First Of The Gang To Die.  After recently seeing Morrissey live I revisted his great 2004 album "You Are
the Quarry."  Probably the bet thing he has released outside of his early-to-mid nineties golden years.  
Bonus: The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores

Oblivians - Call The Police.  The band released a great new record...back in 2013.  I only just recently found time to
give it more than a passing listen.  Totally great.
Bonus: I'll Be Gone
Bonus: Little War Child

Radiohead - Karma Police.  I hear this band is getting a lot of buzz in certain circles.  
Bonus: No Surprises

Sharon Van Etten - Every Time the Sun Comes Up.  Every record she puts out has two or three perfect songs.  
These are those two from 2014's "Are We There."
Bonus: Tarifa

***August Thirtieth
Two Thousand and Fifteen***

Sooooo...things just changed pretty drastically around here.  Lola came a little under three weeks early, and shit is a
little haywire.  And very cute.  Consider this a very brief monthly update, with a better one to come later hopefully.  

I did get a chance to put up a couple of
photo journal entries that I completed before shit got wild, one from our trip
to the beach where I mostly forgot to take photos of the beach, and another for my trip to the Bay area to hang with
Todd and Drew for a dude's weekend.  

And only one song this time, but it's the most fitting one...
The Kinks - Lola

***July Thirtieth
Two Thousand and Fifteen***


After the passing of Mouse I needed a little break.  But now, I only have one question...



Burt and our new giant giraffe.  Cary, NC.  

Common sleeping position.  Cary, NC.  

Mom's new feral cat friend.  Marion, NC.  

Old gas station.  Kenansville, NC.  

Storm impending.  Lake James, NC.  

Birthday present.  Cary, NC.  



The dude's name is Sky Siljeg, he skates for LibTech Skateboards, and he rips.  I'd never heard of him, The last time
I thought of LibTech making skateboards was the late nineties, and none of that matters after you watch this video.  

Michael Mackrodt and company are back with another skate travelogue video called Buddha Hide Out.  This one
heavily features Cambodia, and really made me want to go back there.  

Nick Boserio is so goddamn good and fun to watch it almost makes me mad, but then I realize that's stupid and just
enjoy everything he does.  Here's his newish part.  And this is an even newer and short part from last week.

In non-skate news, David Sedaris reading a new story.  I love all things Sedaris, and this one is just as delightful as
the rest of his material.  

Tons of photo journal entries, from a trip to the Smokies to a trip to DC to band photos and then some other randoms.  


Future Islands
Carrboro Commons

Sorta-local rock stars Future Islands were playing their 1000th show, and decided to do it via an all-day part in
Carrboro.  Between the pregnant wife and general laziness we only arrived in time for the headliner, but the line-up for
the whole day was pretty great - Lonnie Walker, Valient Thorr, Ed Schrader's Music Beat, Dan Deacon and Danny
Brown - the crowd definitely got their money's worth.  A crowd that, by and large - at least where I was standing - was
awful.  I'm stoked for Future Islands that they are as big as they are, they certainly deserve it, but this level of popularity
really has a way of stirring up the dregs of society.  I mean, yeah, I bitch about how awful the crowds are all the time,
because I generally hate everyone - but this was probably a new level...we're talking water park level patrons. 

Anyways, back to the actual performance - the band sounded great and played a nice cross-section of their music,
including a few rare early tracks.  Lead singer Sam Herring was a little more subdued than usual, possibly because
the of the outside heat, or maybe the whole gravity of it being their 1000th show was weighing on him.  He also talked
a ton between songs, lots of reminiscing about the band's early days which led to the wife stating "too much yapping"...
she's not known for her patience.  I think it was expected though, and the crowd didn't seem to care - after a day of
music and heat and sweating and drinking, they were all lubed up pretty well and not feeling any pain. 

Not the ideal scenario, but it was still fun...and maybe we can take the kid to their 2000th show, this time outside of the


Carolina Theatre

Finally, after more cancellations than the current NBC sitcom schedule, Morrissey showed up in North Carolina for
the first time since 2009.  On that tour I drove to Myrtle Beach and saw one of the oddest shows ever put on by him,
from the setlist to his clearly shredded voice to the insane crowd.  This outing was better than that one to be sure,
though much more subdued, due partially to the theatre being all assigned seats, and even more because of the set-
list that focused so heavily on his new this point I've come to expect the second part from Morrissey, but
that doesn't make it any less of a disappointment.  The highlights of the night for me were three-fold: He kicked off the
gig with "The Queen is Dead," and how could you not get excited about that; "Speedway," a long-time favorite with
an added twist when one of the band members sang the last verse in Spanish; and most importantly, his voice sound-
ed fantastic.  Other top tracks included classics "Suedehead," "Everyday Is Like Sunday," and "Now My Hear Is Full,"
and newer hits like "First of the Gang to Die" and "The World Is Full of Crashing Bores."  From my spot in the balcony
I couldn't really see the video board, which ended up being a plus when he aired a graphic animal abuse video during
"Meat Is Murder" - though it was still cool to hear the song.  The only other noteworthy thing that come to mind was the
use of a didgeridoo during "World Peace Is None of Your Business" - it was nice seeing it used as an actual instru-
ment and not just a hippy accessory.  It was an expensive show, and he only played a few songs I was really excited to
hear, but any chance to see Morrissey is one worth taking. 


Belle & Sebastian
with Alvvays

Another year, another trip out of town to see Belle & Sebastian, since they will never play here in the Triangle appar-
ently.  At least this time we didn't have to get on a plane, instead driving up through the never-ending abyss that is
Virginia to our nations capital, Washington DC.  The band was playing in a giant box called Echostage that usually
hosts the drug-addled EDM crowd, and based on the level of police presence outside no apparently informed them
that the twee pop crowd B&S draws isn't likely to cause the same level of problems.  In fact, as the wife noted, the only
work they seemed to perform on the night was to tell concert-goers that they would have to go to the bottom of the hill
to catch their Uber rides after the show. 

Strange setting aside, the band put on a rousing performance - eighteen songs total including the encore, with many
from their new record "Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance."  They did not spare any part of their catalog though - at
least five of the tracks were from early records "Tigermilk" and "If You're Feeling Sinister," plus some of their early
singles like "Jonathan David" and "I'm Waking Up to Us."  Stuart mentioned a few times had put together a set of
animal songs, and he wasn't lying - included on this night was "Funny Little Frog," "Judy and the Dream of Horses,"
"The Fox in the Snow" and "Dog on Wheels," much to my delight.  They had created videos for the backdrop for a
couple of the new songs last time around in Miami, but this time it appeared that more tracks had video accompani-
ment than didn't.  The band was running fourteen deep this time with a local quartet of strings and a trumpet rounding
out their sound, as seems to be the norm.  The strings seemed much bolder in the mix than the last couple of times
we've seen them - not sure if this was a decision of the band or something the club did, but either way I liked it.  The
club was hot as balls, and much more crowded than last time, but in the end it was a glorious good time as always. 

We caught most of the set by the opener Alvvays, and they get a big thumbs up (not something I can often say about
B&S opening acts).  I had listened to their self-titled debut a few months back and thought it was fine but nothing spec-
tacular; live, though, it really worked - retro jangly guitar pop with a little surf twang.  As is my way, I immediately start
trying to figure out who they sound like, and for some reason I kept coming back to Velocity Girl - not an exact match,
but a similar vibe.  A couple of the songs had the pop hooks of a modern pop act like Best Coast, but with a heavy
C86 vibe...and if any of the band members of Alvvays were even a thought in their parents eyes when that original C86
compilation came out, I would be shocked.  I'm now going to revisit that self-titled record of theirs, because I have a
feeling I'll have a much greater appreciation for it the second time around after experiencing them live. 


Spider Bags
Person Street Bar

A free Spider Bags show at a matinee's like they read my mind, everything I ever wanted in a live show.  They
were playing as part of the Indy Week's "Best of the Triangle" party, held in the parking lot of Person Street Bar.  For
an outside show the sound was pretty damn good, if a bit loud - then again, I was standing up front taking photos and
forgot my earplugs so it's my own damn fault my ears were ringing for a couple of days afterward.  I suppose it was
like any other Bags show, and I've seen them a lot of times, only this time it was in broad daylight, had random non-
fans, dogs and children wandering around, and people were feasting on Mexican food from the food truck parked
near the stage (for the record, I support more Mexican food being available at rock shows...and non-rock shows...well,
pretty much all the time, everywhere).   They played all their hits like "Keys to the City" and "Que Viva Rock n' Roll" and
a lot of their most recent record, "Frozen Letter," plus a couple of new songs, one of which was an epically long, mostly
instrumental kraut/swamp/boogie affair.  As with all Spider Bags shows, I left the affair completely satisfied, already
plotting when I'd next get a chance to see them again. 


"I don't know why they call this stuff hamburger helper. It does just fine by itself, huh? I like it better than tuna helper
myself, don't you, Clark?"

Aesop Rock - Daylight.  Pretty sure this might be my favorite song ever by him.  

Nirvana - Drain You.  Hey, that Nirvana was a pretty good band, you folks should give them a chance.  
Bonus: In Bloom
Bonus: Lounge Act

Paws - Give Up.  One of my favorite new finds of 2014.  
Bonus: Someone New

Russian Circles - Carpe.  You know, post-rock or something...what the kids are into.
Bonus: Death Rides A Horse

Silver Jews - Trains Across The Sea.  One of the greatest album openers of all time.  

Songs Ohia - The Body Burned Away.  Still bummed about the passing of Jason Molina.  A true treasure.  
Bonus: The Ocean Nerves

Weird War - Grand Fraud.  Ian Svenonious = god.  
Bonus: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Bite 'Em

Wilco - Handshake Drugs.  Wasn't a huge fan of "A Ghost Is Born" when it came out, but a recent revisit led me to
believe I'd been a little too harsh on the first pass.  
Bonus: I'm A Wheel
Bonus: Theologians


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